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La Barben Zoo

who becomes

The Barben Animal Park

Located near Salon de Provence, La Barben Zoo is the largest zoo in the region.
On more than 30 hectares, in the heart of a forest of hundred-year-old oaks, discover more than 130 species from all over the world: giraffes, antelopes, alpacas, elephants, tigers, bears, bison, crocodiles, lions, rhinos, and much more ...
That is to say approximately more than 700 animals, as well as many animations, playground, shaded snack bar, small train, show of birds in free flight.

Essential :
  • climb to the plateau with a nice view of the surroundings overlooking the castle of Barben.
  • Free flight bird show.  From April to the end of October.
  • Recommended length of visit: 4 hours.
More information :

Château de la Barben - Le Rocher Mistral

“Le Rocher Mistral“
Open since  July 1, 2021 

Discover the Rocher Mistral, a unique leisure and show park in Provence, located in the heart of the thousand-year-old castle of La Barben.
This exceptional site offers an extraordinary journey through time, with 10 captivating shows and numerous activities to share with the family.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rocher Mistral, where waterfalls, comedy, dance, sword fights, sound and light amaze young and old alike.
Whether during the day or in the evening, come and experience the adventure !
Within this thousand-year-old castle, let yourself be transported by immersive shows, attend medieval shows featuring talented stuntmen, enjoy 360° video projections and discover captivating nighttime shows that await you.

Dominating Provence for more than 1000 years, the Château de La Barben stands proudly on its rocky outcrop. Property of the Saint-Victor Abbey of Marseille, the Pontevès and Forbin families, as well as the good King René of Anjou, this place steeped in history has evolved over the centuries, going from the status of a medieval fortified castle to a luxurious pleasure residence. Its 400 hectares of estate offer a privileged area for local fauna and flora, creating a unique getaway in the heart of the region's preserved nature.
Join us for an immersive and entertaining experience at Rocher Mistral, where every moment reveals the timeless magic of this place steeped in charm and history.
Come create unforgettable memories, exploring the richness of the medieval past and the splendor of Provence in this exceptional setting.

The Cascavèu revolt
In 1630, while Richelieu centralized the collection of taxes in Paris, the Provençaux rose up. Armed with pitchforks, torches and bells, the rebels attack the castle of La Barben.

Medieval stunt show
The epic and romantic fight of the lord of Pontevès, returning from the crusade, to reconquer his honor, his rank, the heart of his wife and free his castle from the oppression exercised by a treacherous lord.

Forbin, the Royal Knight
Embark with Claude de Forbin, officer in the Royal Navy of Louis XIV, outstanding navigator, daring knight and intrepid adventurer.

The quest of the builders
Video mapping
A ruined peasant in exile, Bénezet owes his salvation only to the Saint-Victor abbey in Marseille. At the Mistral Rock, he tells you about the genius of these building monks who designed Provence in the year 1000.

Finally, enjoy the nightly shows in the evening

• Louis XIV, The Fairies of the Le Nôtre Gardens

At the heart of the marvelous French gardens of André Le Nôtre, (known for having been the Gardener of King Louis Provençal. A sumptuous nocturnal spectacle to contemplate the most magical nights of the Château de La Barben.


• Napoleon: the Eagle and the Muse (New for the 2023 season)
Immerse yourself in the Napoleonic saga with a captivating sound and light show! Follow Pauline, Napoleon's sister, through battlefields and the emperor's inner circle, from the Château de La Barben where she lived a forbidden love. This epic spectacle comes to life at nightfall in the stunning French gardens, offering a high-quality experience with cutting-edge technologies. A truly exceptional moment to share with family!

More information : 

Reopening Season 2024 on March 30....
ticket office already open

The #RocherMistral remains open for the low season !

Until January 1, 2023 inclusive.
Open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
(Closed from January 2, 2023 to February 28, 2023 inclusive)
(see calendar for specific days and times).
The 2023 season will start on March 1, 2023 will end on November 5, 2023
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